About Treeform

Treeform, created by Los Angeles based Designer Heidi Adams is a design-conscious and eco-friendly interpretation of a traditional Holiday tree. The perfect blend of childhood imagination and adult refinement, these charming Christmas trees greet the season with graceful lines and a remarkably small carbon footprint. Constructed from recycled materials, Treeform is designed to endure, and is completely recyclable when you are ready.

Lovingly made with intricately cut leaves, Treeform is available in natural craft and winter white. The arching boughs provide a perfect perch for your favorite holiday decorations. The Treeform’s six sections interlock to create a tree that is full, round and lyrical. “With the branches close together there is a lace-like translucency where each bough casts a shadow on the next. This interplay between shadow and light is what makes the holidays seem so magical,” says the Designer. With two sizes to choose from, this winter wonder is sure to make the top of your “favorite things” list.

Fabricated in the United States, Treeform uses recycled material and sustainable business practices. “In the context of a modern design, it is important to me that these trees be made in a sustainable way. This includes for me, using reclaimed materials, manufacturing in the United States to reduce the carbon footprint and paying a living wage,” states Designer Heidi Adams.

About Heidi Adams

Heidi Adams is a Los Angeles based designer, sculptor, and installation artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Adams is a recipient of the Individual Fellowship in Art from the Pasadena Arts Council. “I communicate on a three dimensional level. That’s my language, both in my relationships and what I do. It’s who I am.”